Wordpress Meetup - Taking the Leap: How I adopted an orphaned WordPress plugin

In the WordPress Plugin Directory, many great plugins exist but are no longer maintained by their original contributors. Developers abandon plugins for a myriad of reasons. They might get too busy with other projects, something better might come along and steal their thunder, or they might not be great marketers and they simply couldn't get the word out leading to a failure of adoption. Whatever the reason, plugins don't have to die a slow death in the graveyard of once-great ideas. If there's a plugin our there that you think you might be able to improve, it might be worth a shot to ask the original contributor to take it over, as I recently did with the Radio Station plugin, which helps radio stations create show pages, show playlists, posts related to shows, a master schedule, and widgets to announce upcoming shows, current show DJ/host, or current song playing. In this talk, I'll walk through how I identified the plugin I wanted to take over and the process for doing so. We'll also cover how we now maintain the plugin on git and what our process is to manage and improve the plugin.